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Monster from the Maze

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 30 June 2022Venue: VirtualHost: Inel Tomlinson -Area: Game StillsBAFTA

Monster from the Maze - Kezia Buzzard (16)

Monster from the Maze is an atmospheric thriller puzzle game in which two sisters work together to find and save their missing parents from the Maze Monster's lair, whilst trying to not fall into the grasps of the monster themselves.


After a day of city exploration and conversations with their parents, neighbours and peers, the city is desolate and the atmosphere changes. The two sisters discover that their parents had been kidnapped in the middle of the night by a hideous monster who seemed to have been watching them.  The two sisters begin their search to find their missing parents, exploring their city, completling a series of numerical puzzles and obtaining objects before uncovering the entrance of a dark maze.