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Cattaluna Caper

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 30 June 2022Venue: VirtualHost: Inel Tomlinson -Area: Game StillsBAFTA

Cattaluna Caper - Ethan McFarlane (13)

Investigate the Cattaluna Castle as a sword wielding magical cat, defeating bosses and an evil monarchy. 

A pixel art style, RPG Dungeon Crawler where the player enters a castle at night; exploring the grounds, avoiding guards, finding supplies and defeating bosses. During the day, the player is unable to venture into the castle and can instead explore the surrounding town to buy gear for the next night's escapade. The player will reach dead ends in the castle that can’t be resolved until the next night. During this time, the player will have to search for things in the town that will unlock new explorable areas in the castle.