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The Super Scaffolder

The Super Scaffolder - Zach Thomas (18), Fernhurst

The Super Scaffolder will feature a simplistic, vibrant and colourful art style with very distinct themes.

A match-3 puzzle game with a unique and refreshing twist using platforming as a second core concept for the game, all set in very unique environments full of fascinating characters.

The player will begin the level in a traditional match-3 style game where they are tasked with matching pieces in combinations of 3 or more. Instead of scoring points, every successful match will create a platform in place of the shapes you matched. The player should be trying to create a path of platforms for them to navigate from the left of the screen to the right After the player has used all their moves or they end the matching phase prematurely, they will attempt to run and jump across their platforms and any pre-placed objects in the level to reach their target.