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Surveillance: Sabotaged

Surveillance: Sabotaged - Charlie Reid (13), Borehamwood

The majority of the game is spent in the banks, solving puzzles and avoiding guards to reach the vaults. But this is harder than it seems. 

Separated from his parents at a young age taken in by The Boss for a life of crime, Javier robs banks all around the metropolis of Camville to pay off a ransom for his parents.

The most unique aspect of Surveillance: Sabotaged is the camera. The player views the game in third person exclusively via CCTV footage, meaning the whole world is black and white. The camera behaves as any CCTV camera would. It remains static, screwed into place in the wall. The player can manually rotate it on its hinges and switch between cameras as you move between rooms in each bank, but it will never float around in the air to follow them.