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Spud in Dew-Fall Wood

Spud in Dew-Fall Wood - Edith Prior (11), Plymouth

In the day you will be mostly safe and at this time it’s best to collect resources and maintain the burrow. Throughout the night, foxes will be searching for their dinner, meaning you will either have to fight them or stay inside the burrow!

A young but courageous hare called Spud defends the other woodland animals against devious foxes.

Spud in Dew-Fall Wood is a 3rd person point and click adventure with a day and night cycle. There are different achievements to collect in the game, including: surviving the first night, building a burrow, collecting food and medicines, healing other animals, and training them to create a powerful army. When you collect these achievements you will get acorns with which you can then buy skins and other cosmetics.