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MindOfCooking - Raagni Pallan (13), Sahas Jaliyagodage (12), Olivia Galik (12), Northolt

Our game is a simulation of a real-life cooking experience. Using VR controllers allows the player to interact with the game. They will see what is happening right before their eyes; hence, they will feel part of the game, making the experience memorable.

An open world cooking simulation game where you develop your cooking repertoire and build an empire.

Play in story mode and multiplayer mode, starting from a humble stall in your home country before creating a food empire. Buy ingredients required to sustain your store and build a reputation by satisfying customers. Open new stores by making deals with investors and maintain a workforce by managing salaries. In multiplayer, interact with other players and compete in weekly events to win awards. Players can also invite one another to come and work in their restaurants for bonuses.