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Colour Pew Pew

Colour Pew Pew (Atom, Solar2D, sfxr, Inkscape) - Alex Robinson (14), London

You’re the last defender between a solar system and the enemy hordes coming at you in all sorts of colours and sizes - to protect these planets you’ll need to upgrade your ship and match the enemies’ colour to shoot them down.

The first enemies will spawn into the game and start advancing towards the shield that protects the planet, if they hit the shield enough times they'll break it and move onto the planet. The enemies can come in 7 different colours; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple, as the player you must match their colour to be able to shoot them down. with each hit on the enemy they will drop coins for you to pick up, if you collect enough of these coins you can purchase upgrades from the Emporium.