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Brains & Brawn

Brains & Brawn - Joe Straker (18)

The game would have a hand-drawn art style, with characters’ expressions shown purely through the ways they perceive the environment and in small cutscenes and character movement animations, their body language.

Each player has a slightly altered perspective of the same level and must work together and communicate to succeed in this puzzle-platformer, and to progress their own character’s path of self-discovery.

The game is exclusively co-op; it focuses on two characters on their own journeys of self-discovery, joined in their journey to escape a metaphysical tomb they find themselves trapped inside. Although, as these characters are on separate introspective journeys, they perceive and interact with the world differently. David, the smaller character, can see doors and levers that Goliath cannot, while Goliath can move obstacles and throw David to higher platforms. Therefore, with these mechanics, communication, facilitated by a simple ping system, is made necessary.