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Artisan - Oliver Agar, William Woolven-Brown, Noah Oliver Gooch (16)

A very unique aspect of the game that we have developed is that the island is segmented into different art styles similar to how biomes behave. So the player may go up north and notice that the branches are like that of art nouveau or travel east and notice that the night sky is similar to that of Van Gogh's starry night.

First person, mystery, story driven, open world survival game about an artist who's banished to an abstract island and has to survive whilst pursuing their passion for art.

The goal of the player is to gather resources to survive whilst making and selling sculptures in order to escape from the island. Players can trade sculptures with the mafia for a currency called 'Peirp' (a play on words with purple since it was considered a valuable colour to artists). This currency can be used to gain consumables from the ‘Kletch’, a mysterious island inhabitant with a love for art. After meeting the Kletch, players can decide between getting off the island with art likely to still be prohibited in the dystopian society or to help the Kletch to make the island a safe haven for artists to pursue their craft.