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The Platformer Project

The Platformer Project (Unity) - Mathew Jenkins (17), Clynderwen

The Platformer Project is an engaging, fast-paced, action-adventure game, filled with a wide variety of collectables and multiple abilities for you to discover across infinite realms!

In 'The Platformer Project', there are 3 different game modes: ‘Collector Mode’, ‘Sprinter Mode’ and the ‘Arena Mode’. These game modes are all fast-paced survival modes each with an individual twist. The aim of the ‘Collector Mode’ is to collect as many coins as physically possible, however, you will need to sacrifice your score to stay alive, by purchasing upgrades for the character and the weapons as the difficulty increases, making these purchases essential.

A wide variety of enemies, all with different strengths and weapons, are randomly spawned in across the infinite realms to make every run unique. By completing missions, special abilities like Triple Jump, Wall Jump and Speedy Dash become available which will help you to further adventure through the realms. Each realm has random weather states and biomes which make it harder for you to survive. There are multiple power-ups to make you unstoppable for a short duration whilst fighting the random enemies. For every round you complete, there’s a difficulty increase, meaning you’ll have to carefully upgrade certain player statistics to stay alive for as long as possible. 

The aim of 'Sprinter Mode' is to get to the top of the map, but to do so you must take on endless waves of sprinting enemies. The sprinting enemies don’t have any attacks, but if you touch them you take damage. If the enemies reach the bottom of the map, they respawn at the top and run down again with the new enemies that have also spawned in, creating an interesting gameplay loop for you to discover. This realm expands upwards, meaning after you defeat a certain number of sprinting enemies, more of the realm is revealed, allowing you to reach higher platforms and get closer to the top.

The aim of the ‘Arena mode’ is to survive in an empty realm that slowly fills up with enemies. This ‘Arena’ spawns in enemies every 6 seconds and gradually decreases the time in between spawns, creating an intense and incredibly fast-paced atmosphere. In the ‘Arena Mode', you will be given a set of missions to complete to unlock abilities and to help you purchase new weapons and upgrades in the store, which will allow you to survive for longer periods.

If I was to develop 'The Platformer Project' any further, I’d change the 2 game modes, ‘Sprinter’ and ‘Arena’ to have an infinite level variant, similar to the ‘Collector Mode’, where every time you finish exploring a realm, it would then spawn you in a random one, full of random enemies and coins. The ‘Sprinter Mode’ would have random floors, so every time you successfully survive a room, another layer is created on top with a random biome and different traps to catch you off guard. The ‘Arena’ Mode would spawn you in a random realm that gradually fills up with enemies. Another feature I’d love to include, but haven’t yet due to the lack of knowledge on how to do so, is a Boss Battle.

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