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Stageplay - Dylan Hart (17), Bedford 

Entertain your audience by building a combo from combat and platforming challenges and by taking the more difficult branching paths in the level to earn a higher score, bad performance makes the levels appear as the stage and props they really are.

In Stageplay you are the leading actor of a brand-new play and are told that the actor playing the villain has disappeared so someone else will take their place. Once you start your performance the new actor goes off script and begins saying that they will liven up the play and in doing so they add lots more obstacles and problems that you must face. Since you can't disappoint the audience you must go along with the scheme and make it past the obstacles with each level being a different scene in the play. 

Stageplay is a platformer in which the player must keep the audience of a play entertained by repeatedly adding action to the scenes, the more dangerous actions the player does the higher their approval from the audience will be and the better they will do. The most obvious of this is that the levels have multiple pathways that the player can take with each giving them different boosts in score based on difficulty with easier paths being slower and less visually interesting with less obstacles and more difficult paths feeling more dynamic with the stage changing while playing it.

Stageplay’s target audience would be aimed at an older audience who grew up with successful platformers such as Super Mario world, this audience has been shown to still be a good target audience as shown with the success of recent franchises like Shovel Knight, as a result the age range for this would be 16+ however the rating for the game would most likely be rated PEGI 7. The game will be aimed at people who love platformers and like completing difficult challenges for rewards which the game is filled with.