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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - Rowan Newington (12), Ditton 

A unique puzzle game where you control a pen with the amplitude of your voice to trace a variety of pictures.

The game takes place in an etch-a-sketch, with a red background and white knobs. There is a line that is made so that you know what you are aiming to draw on - this contrasts with a pale background so it is easy to see where you are and where the outline is. When you finish a level it colours it in and shows a fact about the picture you've just drawn.

For the music for the game I would have Werq by Kevin MacLeod playing, as I like the music and I think it fits the gameplay.:

When you start a level, a light grey line appears which represents what you have to trace as accurately as possible.
You have to wait for a 3 second countdown before the game starts and you start to trace the image.
Your tracing is shown by a thick black trail that moves as your voice amplitude increases and lowers.
The black trail moves at a constant speed along the screen from left to right. 
When the black trail has reached the right edge of the screen your score for the level is calculated by how close the black trail was to the grey line you are tracing. you get stars ratings (1-3) and you need two stars to pass the level.

There are different types of levels easy, medium and hard (harder levels makes the black trail move faster) and an inverted control mode and a party mode, which would play like the game Pictionary!

The platforms for this game will be for mobile and desktop because it has a party game appeal (because it is a simple, fast and non-violent game) and these platforms would be most accessible for families. People of ages 3 and up would enjoy it as the only real input is your voice, not the language that you can speak, so those who haven't learned to speak can still enjoy a humorous time with their family.