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My Adventure

 My Adventure - Lucy Bee & Mahnoor Tanveer (13), Tring

My Adventure is a game inspired by nature designed to show young people the world and its inhabitants, including the negative effects human activity can have on the world.

Once you open the game, you will be given a choice of which biome (sandy, ocean, snowy or jungle) you want to explore. You have an option of character outfits to choose from, specific to the biome. With your character you can change their outfit, hairstyle, gender and facial features. In each biome there will be levels you have to complete. During the levels, you will venture across that biome, unlocking different stories, information and and animals found in that world. The animals may either be there to aid you or distract/prevent you from finishing the level. You will also be able to see the impacts human activity can have on these animals and ways in which you can help them. This may include things like deforestation (in the jungle biome) or global warming (in the snowy biome).

To help you during the game, you will have a backpack full of tools and equipment. This is where the element of problem solving comes in - you will have to decide which tool will best help you overcome a challenge. This may be building a fire to stay warm, or feeding a predator some food to prevent it attacking. Over the different levels you will have to collect keys, without the right amount of keys you will not be able to pass the level. Gems and coins are also up for grabs. You can use these to buy different tools, power ups and outfits int the game shop.

Our target audience is children/ young teenagers aged around 5-15. Our aims are to educate these children in the different environments in our world. They will learn about the impacts of pollution on the different biomes and animals - Education that's fun!