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Millions of Minions

Millions of Minions

Millions of Minions (Unity) - Matt Bull (17), Orpington

A randomly generated dungeon crawler; your main weapon... living creatures that you can control!

You are tasked with getting to the surface of the world: to do this, you must defeat all the bosses you encounter and complete the dungeons. Little creatures conjured up with magic can be used to attack the enemies. These creatures are your main weapon, but you can still use a close-range attack for those tense situations!

The story goes as follows:
Born as a magical being, with glowing eyes and a shadowed face; a boy grew up with isolation and had nobody supporting him. Apart from fairies, gnomes and elves, within a beautiful forest. People's fear of him grew and that fear turned to hate. They initiated an attack: burning down his beloved forest, and destroying his home. With this, he swore to himself that nobody would go through what he had - and he began learning magic to fight back. All magical beings began an uprising, with this, now-grown, boy leading the revolution. The war was lost, and he was cast in exile deep-below the surface; now he must escape from his shackles.

I would add more stages. This is only a third of the completed product. We are hoping to get it out in June, for the general public. We want to add multiplayer as well.

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