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Lunar Landing

Lunar Landing - Joshua Couchman (14), Leybourne

"This is a game in honour of the July 1969 Lunar Landing, where you take control of the module, as Neil Armstrong once did, and land it safely on the Moon."

Lunar Landing is in 2D and it is where you control the lunar module from the original Lunar Landing event and attempt to land the module on the Moon. When you start, you will begin to move towards the Moon at a slowly increasing rate (as the Moons gravity slowly becomes stronger). This is when asteroids will fly onto the screen and players will have to dodge, or lose health. Also, the module tilts slowly clockwise and anti-clockwise depending on the movement of the mouse. If the module tilts more than 90 degrees either way the game ends. Also, if your health reaches 0, the game ends. The levels progress with you needing to meet different criteria, such as completing the level with full health and completing the game at a faster speed (e.g. x2, x5, x10).

The game has different combinations of customisation options (e.g. thrusters and lunar modules, the setting of the lunar landing can be changed to other planets e.g. Mars or Jupiter). This is a 2D pixel-art game and all characters/levels are created in Piskel. My game is set in space, with the default landing destination as the Moon. You play as you, controlling the lunar module and attempting to land it safely. There are no characters, apart from a few aliens in the level 'Deep Space'.

"Anyone can play this game, young or old. This game appeals to the explorative, mysterious side of the mind, and so everyone will love it. Its simple controls allow everyone to play and its fast-paced aspect keeps people with low attention spans hooked while those with a more casual gaming experience in mind, its many customisation options will allow for fun level and module changes to keep things interesting. Those who seek to learn about the lunar landing will also appreciate the facts about the landing that show after every level."