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Hiro (Unity, Maya & Substance Painter) - Gustav Hills (13), Exeter

A samurai warrior proving her superior sword fighting skills in a fantasy world inhabited by monsters from Japanese woodcuts, she has to survive kendo battles against Yūrei (Japanese ghosts) such as giant leaping newts and fish headed monsters, within atmospheric scenes inspired by the art of Kuniyoshi and the films of Kurosawa.

A visit to a museum takes an unexpected twist when you find yourself battling with the monsters in the pictures. You start your journey running through a misty, dark forest, watch out for an ambush from a human sized leaping newt, use your sword to fight it off before battling a giant rat.

Engage your sword skills to defeat the fish headed monsters in the ghostly abandoned village. Use the pop up information to increase your skills. Cross the bridge where the gigantic fish leap. When you find yourself at a Jetty a ship will take you across the water but you will need to steer away from the sea serpent. Finally try and find safety at a rocky island.

I think an original score would enhance the experience of the game, I'd like a musician to work with on traditional Japanese percussion. My ultimate goal is to release the full game to Steam as an independent developer.