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High Spirits

High Spirits - Matthew Swaffield (17), Helsby

In the once thriving city of Meteor, you play as a a squad of 4 unique characters who are trying to eradicate the new supernatural infestation problem that has hit the city in one last attempt to bring some happiness to its citizens.

The game is a top down strategy game in which the player controls a squad of four characters who must find and destroy the ghosts that have begun to infest a wide variety of locations, from houses to offices. At the start of every level the 4 characters will be placed at the entrance to the building and be tasked with finding the ghosts that are hidden in a variety of items throughout the level, televisions or vases for example.

The player can then move each character, and use an action; attack, search item for ghost or a unique action based on the character. Once the player has completed the turns for all characters, the lights will go out in the level, and the ghosts will take there turn. If the ghost is still hiding, the item it is hiding in will shake, but if the ghost has been found, it will begin running away, or towards a player character in order to damage them. Using the 4 classes of characters: Trackers, Light Masters, Fighters and Supports, the player should be able to track down ghosts, and destroy them before the turn timer runs out.

The game will be set in a desolate city, with one of the highest rates of crime in the world, which is why most of the game will use a very dark colour scheme and quite a slow melancholy soundtrack. The main menu will feature a backdrop of a city in darkness with the sky full of clouds and only two people on the street walking away , one of which is holding an umbrella, When the player presses play, they will be able to either chose the level, or edit the characters in their team.

The basic team that the user will start the game with consists of: The Captain, a pirate Light Master with worn clothes, short black hair, an eye-patch, a very old looking pirate hat and a lantern that he holds in his right hand. The Soldier, a Support with medals covering her old green jacket, short brown hair, brown muddy boots, a large backpack on her back and a prosthetic leg. The Witch, a fighter with very long black hair, a black outfit and a lot of black makeup on her face, who has only joined the squad as a way of earning money, which she normally does by tricking people into giving it to her on the street. The Hunter, a skilled tracker robot that was left abandoned for decades in a large forest, so has patches of moss all over their body and some pictures painted in mud on their arm. Once the first level has been completed, the player will gain access to another character called The Phoenix, who is an old wise scientist that has dyed his hair a bright red/orange colour.

My target audience would be anyone that enjoys challenging themselves to tricky strategy games and engaging in a captivating story.