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Heirs To The Throne

Heirs To The Throne - Bailey Barnett & Thomas Rieger (13), Allington

"The adventure of a rebellious heir or heiress who strides to get around the boring lifestyle that comes with being the heir to the throne in a medieval era, whilst making decisions that changes their life and those around them, in style!"

In this game, you must thrive as an Heir To The Throne under the strict rule of your parents, the influence of your friends, your comrades and the pure jealousy of your enemies due to who you are. The main idea is that you make choices that decide your life and your future. A point-based system uses AP (Attribute Points) as a way of determining the choices you can make and when you can make them. You gain these points per life and every accolade (achievement) you earn. In the end, your death will be inevitable but it's up to you to shape your life and your legacy to how you want. Many options are available in this game, you can play with your friends, play board games, get a job, skive off of royal duties, even rebel against the entire kingdom... or just your parents; you can be and do whatever you'd like to reclaim your life as a teen! This game also never ends, although it seems like it does, time doesn't go on, you are always stuck in the same time period. There are also stats that would have bars that measure happiness, wealth, popularity, faith: Devil and God).

The art style of the game combines modern 'punk' elements (e.g. the street-art logo) with an older medieval setting, with these conflicting elements creating a unique theme that stands out!

Our game is set in the far lands of a medieval society where a large kingdom rules over the land that is inhabited with mystical folklore and many legends through time. There are 5 places you can go, they are:

-The Tavern. When you come of age, you can enter this mysterious tavern and drink to your hearts content, play games and meet new people.

-The Meadows: You and your friends love the Fields, they are a grassy meadow filled with forestry and foliage where people play, relax and talk all throughout the day, and night.

-The Palace of Gods: This is your home, a golden, tall palace with riches. And your bedroom, where you sleep. In the Palace there is three rooms, your room, the Grand Hall (where you eat) and your parent's chamber.

-The Doomed Dungeons: This place is where the evil criminals go, with chains hanging from the walls. You don't want to end up here, it's where you die...

-The Shrouded Grotto: This is where you can reside with your best friends that you grew up with, play games and plot revenge upon your arch enemy who hates you to the bone. 

There are three places for In-Game Events:

-The Glimmering Glacier: The outer reaches of the kingdom featuring new choices, Santa's Shop and a few cool characters.

-The Underworld: A hellish place far below the kingdom filled with fire, a new path to take and new characters, and a story that takes you up to Perish Peaks.

-Easter Island: Discover an island not of Tiki Heads, but colours and rabbits with chocolate eggs.

"The target audience would be teens and people over or of the age of 12, as we focus more on an older audience so we can show them that even royal families with their very restrictive livelihoods make it difficult for heirs to have a normal childhood, especially in the medieval era, with their lives already made up for them before they were even born! This game has some comic violence but nothing bad and grim. This also gives a reason to the age range as most teens would have a laptop or a computer."