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Griffindeim - Morayo Onyia (12) - Inverbervie

"A game based on the nine worlds in viking religion, where you can defeat befriend monsters called Barics and giants."

At first, it seems that the ragged remains of a human-griffin hybrid called the Griff are all stuck in a small town nicknamed “The Remains.”  The Griff actually have a human form that they can turn into but decided not to let the humans know that. They're surrounded by human villages and towns and have agreed to never cause an inconvenience to human society. The character you're playing as is an orphan and a Griff trying to blend in with the rest of the kinds in his/her hometown, Campuck, who ends up accidentally turning into their full Griff form and get banished into the Remains. When you arrive, you learn that there are millions of Griff still alive, and learn to fight, use elemental magic, befriend monsters called Barics and travel through the nine worlds in Viking religion, meeting, defeating and destroying the creatures that accommodate them.

When you defeat monsters, you can collect their skin and teeth to create weapons and clothing, or you can befriend the Barics. You can do requests from other Griff in the Tamma to earn money that you can use to buy materials. In the game there is something called the “Book of Barics,” that works similarly to a pokedex. Once you defeat or befriend a Baric it's added to the Book of Barics however if you were defeated by the Baric, it doesn't count.

Just like how your player uses elemental magic, the Barics have elements too: agua, frost, terra, static, flare and gale. Some of them have two. You can trade weapons and clothing that you've earned for coins or get half of the materials that you used to make it back. You can friend people and do online fights against Barics in groups of three or four.  You can do the story mode where you can explore the nine worlds. At the start of the story mode, you’re told that Yggdrasil is poisoned, and that the nine worlds will all eventually crumble.

The ultimate goal of the story mode is to find Yggdrasil and heal it. Fighting Giants can only happen during special events or in the story mode in Jotunheim and Muspelheim, but they give off the most XP and money, or you can use the Barics you've befriended to fight against other players in one on one battles. When you're fighting Barics, you can fly but only about two metres off the ground (this will increase when you level up), but when you fight giants you can go up to 100 metres (eye level with the giants). The giants' weak spot is the eyes.

"My target audience would be 12+"