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Evolution (Gamemaker Studio 2) - Andrew Ah-Weng, Caden Cheong  & Iggy Gill-Ces, Croydon / Exceter (13)

A survival game where you are a gorilla running around collecting berries and food, but avoiding lions.

In Evolution, your character is a gorilla and you are in an environment with various obstacles such as trees, berries, lakes and cliffs. However, you have to try and avoid the enemies, the lions, which catch you and stop you from collecting food, meaning that you will starve to death.

Your character has three different stats: health, hunger, and stamina. Health is represented by a red bar, hunger a brown bar, and stamina a yellow bar. Each stat is important, in their own way. Health allows you to survive longer without dying. Hunger is very important as in this game, time moves very quickly so you get hungrier quicker. However, if you run out of hunger, you start to take damage and will eventually die. Stamina is also important as it allows you to sprint, which is very valuable for running away and collecting things faster. However, if you run out of stamina, you get exhausted and you are forced to stop and regain stamina, costing you precious seconds.

In order to survive in this game, you must collect food. This is done by harvesting bushes for berries and destroying trees for apples. When you get the items, you will automatically regain hunger and stamina, allowing you to survive longer.The scoring system in this game is days survived. Each day is 25 seconds and the aim of the game is to survive for the most amount of days.

This game only has one type of enemy, the lion. The lion usually patrols its territory, but if you get seen by the lion, it will stop its patrol and chase you. If it catches you, you will not be able to move and so you cannot collect food so you will eventually die. There is no way to defeat the lion so you will have to rely on agility and speed to run away!

If our group had more time, I think that we could have implemented better artwork and more features in the game in general. I feel that my group rushed the game towards the end of the project but if we had more time, we could add more detail in the art and text.