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Dungeon Up, Dungeon Down

Dungeon Up, Dungeon Down (Gamemaker Studio 2) - Joe Castle & James Bodiam (15), Sutton Valence

A top down infinite dungeon crawler, except there are only two rooms you can travel between that radically change whenever you enter them.

It is a 2D, top down dungeon crawler (like Binding of Isaac), where you climb up a big tower but there is a twist, being that there are only two adjacent rooms (a right room and a left room) that you constantly move between to progress. This means every time you go between the two rooms they change so you are unable to go to the previous room and unable to know what the next room will be, this means you have to adapt to each new room you go in, to quickly get the key and move on to the other room (which is now a completely different room)! You quickly find out the tower you are in is haunted and have to dodge the ghosts while getting the keys in each room to unlock the door you came through and get back to it to progress.

There are a number of random items in each room with some being better than others like a gun, a sword, and a spear which can be used to incapacitate the ghost for a short period as the dead can't be killed. Also, there are some rooms you may come across with three crafting spaces that can be used to craft the items and materials you find into better and more useful items that will help you to delay the ghosts. As the game progresses the number and difficulty of ghost rise, with there being three types of ghost with different strengths. The types of ghost are the white ghost which is a normal ghost that has a basic amount of health and speed, a blue one with much more health, and a yellow one that deals double damage to the player this variety allows the game to be fun and maintain interest.

I would add more effects like screen shake, particularly I would make the screen bounce to the music. I would also add a tutorial sequence to easily convey the mechanics and unique quirk of the game being set within two rooms; for example the player could start outside the tower where the game takes place and they enter into the tower from the left and it transitions like in the game to a different room as if it where to the right and once you try to get out using a key within the room you would find yourself trapped perpetually in two rooms to communicate the unique take on dungeon crawlers within our game.

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