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Code Story Dream

 Code Story Dream - Eleeza Amin (15), Hornchurch

"An original animated choose-your-path adventure story, which teaches programming through the metaphor of magic and a magical world, and the player uses code to control their actions.

Code Story Dream is an animated adventure game in which the player is a character representing the programming language the player chose to learn (the main one is Python), and they are in a story about the character and the world they are in. The game teaches the player how to use the programming language's commands, by using the metaphor of magic and choices to be made, in order to progress the story and resolve the conflict the story gives. 

The story follows an adventure in an alternative world to the 'real' world, in a town called 'Altreal' (name comes from 'alternate reality'), and its inhabitants, each with a unique magic power, they all personifications of programming languages. The player plays as the character representing the language they're learning. The game's main language is Python.

The target audience is mainly tweens or teenagers who would want to learn a programming language. However, the game can be played by anyone interested.