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Trapped – Dalvia, 14 & Tiya, 11

“A retro 2D story about mental illness among teenagers with day and night segments which act very differently to each other.”

Our game tackles a very difficult issue in the modern world, mental health. We have especially chosen to set our story in a school to show the impact a mental illness can have on a person’s life.

Target Audience: Our team has always handled our source material carefully. One of the main appeals of the game is that players can apply the knowledge obtained in the game and use it when talking about mental illness.

The game is generally marketed at people interested in story driven games however the game should also be fun for the old teenagers and young adults because mental health is a big issue for teenagers right now.

Story driven games haven't been known to sell very well however, me and my team are offering a powerful game which tells a story which needs to be heard.