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Super Boson

Super Boson

Super Boson – Prithvi Kohli, 17

“An energetic and mind-bending puzzle/action game about particle physics, which aims to inspire scientific curiosity and interest in physics and other STEM fields amongst younger audiences by portraying science in a fun and engaging way.”

The player must navigate and reach the end of levels by taking control of different subatomic particles. Each of these is unique and behaves differently, requiring the player to think carefully and plan ahead for which particle to be and when in order to overcome obstacles.

To develop my skills, I did some reading on game design and studied designs of other games and how they achieved a deep but simple and focused design. I concentrated a lot on specifically what I wanted the experience of the game to be like, and designed the game to focus on delivering that experience. I aimed to make a game where the player remained very focused throughout, and which required precision and quick reactions, but at the same time had an aspect of thinking and figuring out how to solve levels, and required the player to practise and hone their skills at the game over time.

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