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Penguin Peril

Penguin Peril

Penguin Peril – James Lindsay, 10

“Rocky Penguin is trapped in a pool, under ice; she's hungry and needs to catch fish before she runs out of energy or the leopard seal eats her; catch six fish whilst dodging the leopard seal to get to the next level.”

I have made lots of 2D games in Scratch and Python/Pygame and some in Unity.  Penguin Peril was my first full 3D game.  I had to learn how to make a 3D game playable and to learn more about physics in Unity. 

I have submitted the game for PC because it is more playable, but I will develop it for iPhones / iPads.  I am thinking about using separate control for up/down and left/right, one on each side of the screen, with a button in the middle at the bottom for sprint.

Download and play Penguin Peril