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Guzzlesarus’s Culinary Capers

Fun, fast, nutritious and delicious is how food should be! Let's get our kids cooking and exploring how food journeys from farm gate to dinner plate... using Guzzlesarus's culinary capers of course!

The designer:

Anna Carter, aged 15

Lincoln, East Midlands

Anna's story behind the game:

"Guzzlesarus's culinary capers is an exciting adventure game for three to six year olds which is all about teaching culinary skills. Each week the parent chooses a recipe from the list which will be cooked at the end of the week with their child; at this point the ingredients list is emailed to them to save any hassle. By the way all recipes come with the guzzlesarus guarantee; fun, nutritious, fast and delicious!

"Guzzlesarus's main residence is the hq page where he enjoys chilling till his next culinary caper. Like all good dinosaurs he has a den (naturally it's a cave which the children can buy furniture for) and of course a letter box outside, which is where each day the new game pops up with all the details on how to complete the mission.

"No additional accessories are required: simply tap, swipe and shake away to your heart's content during the mini games! Then turn on the oven, bring out the whisk and get ready to chop, chop, chop as you need to be all fired up in the kitchen for the big end of week culinary cook off!"

The players:

"Three to six year olds are the target audience as I believe children should learn how their food travels from farm gate to plate at a young age. As well as the idea that food should be fun, fast, nutritious and delicious! The mini daily games within the app also improve maths skills, recognition of shapes and numbers, memory capacity and hand-eye coordination."


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