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Fractured Minds

Fractured Minds has been signed by a Publisher and will be released on all formats later this year. Come back soon for more information.

An immersive & provocative story/puzzle game that exposes the daily struggles of people living with anxiety and other (often misunderstood) mental health issues.

The Designer:

Emily Mitchell, aged 18

Watford, Hertfordshire

Emily's story behind the game:

"Fractured Minds is an immersive puzzle game that uncovers the daily struggles of people living with anxiety or any mental health issue. It is designed to give the player a genuine insight into the experiences of those quietly living with mental illness – the feelings of isolation, of being trapped, of everyday situations being distorted beyond recognition.

"The game has multiple puzzles for the player to solve with an interwoven storyline. The player uses the WASD keys to move around and must work out how to move on to the next level - this usually entails solving mini puzzles or collecting certain objects to open the door. Each level symbolises a different emotion or experience associated with anxiety/mental illness.

"I realise the game is provocative and at times uncomfortable – but I felt that it was so important to be honest and true-to-life – confronting mental illness is extremely challenging and uncomfortable."

Software used: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Audacity

Future development:

"I would perfect each level, perhaps adding more complex puzzles, and lengthen the animations so there is more storyline with the creature. The whole purpose of the game is to bring attention to anxiety and mental health and get people talking about it – hopefully coming away with an increased understanding of the issues. "