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Tree of Life

Sidonie Sutcliffe 


You start with Earth – 4,000 million years ago, before any life has evolved. Your first job is to populate the planet with Bacteria – you design the Bacteria and set them free to colonise the planet. 


Starting Point – Earth 4,000 Million Years Ago

Earth 4,000 million years ago, looked a bit like the planet we know today, but with some huge differences. 


When designing your own Bacteria, Fungi, Plants or Animals, it is always the same process. Ie, once the level is unlocked, you click on the DNA Designer Lab.

There, for each level of lifeform, you have ten DNA slots to fill and these control 10 different aspects of each kind of lifeform.

With 10 slots to fill, and three options per slot, there are almost 60,000 different Bacteria you could make. You would probably start by creating (say) 10-12 completely different Bacteria, setting them loose and seeing how well they do.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life 2