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The Extra Experiment

Ethan Smith 


The Extra Experiment is a 2D Mystery Puzzle Game, in which you control four different characters in an attempt to escape a facility. Each character can do something different - Control Fire, Control Water, Control the Ground, Control the Air. You must go through the game by completing puzzles and learning about how you ended up in the facility.


The game takes place in an underground facility where your characters are tested to see how well they can control the four elements. The facility has over 100 test chambers all designed to make the cast use their powers to the fullest. 


Arder: control over fire. Name means burn in Spanish

Mizu: complete control over water. Name means water in Romaji Japanese.

Terre: can lower the ground and base of anything and shift tectonic. Twin of Flucht. Name means earth in French.

Flucht: can fly and control wind speed and weather because of the elemental refrain tests, twin of Terre. Name means Flight or Wings in German.


Extra Experiment


The Extra Experiement


Movement: W - Up, S - Down, A - Left, D - Right.

Use Ability: Mouse Button 1 (Left Click)

Change Character: Mouse Button 2 (Right Click)

Pause Menu: Mouse Button 3 (Press the Middle Scroll down)

Change Option: W - Up, S - Down, A - Left, D - Right.

Select Option:  Mouse Button 1 (Left Click)

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