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Imagibots – Save Eden Green

Aysheq Hussain 


The game will follow the traditional platform game format and will include a number of different obstacles, ways to move through each level, enemy types and 'Power Ups'. In addition to this the Imagibot can collect 'gears' along the way, adding to the score and when the target number of gears is achieved, a bonus level is unlocked and activated to play.


The game starts in the Professor's laboratory in the village of Eden Green. Professor Eden pops up during the game to offer the Imagibot advice.

Stage 1: Egypt - The player has to navigate through a number of obstacles in the desert environment of Cairo. Monster types are made up of mutated versions of creatures native to Egypt: Scorpions, Scarab beetles, Snapping turtles, Baboons and even Mummies!  On level three of this stage the player has to get through the trials of the pyramid tomb in order to face the Boss and complete the stage.


Imagibot B100 (Male)

Imagibot G100 (Female)

Lower grade monster types will be mutated versions of actual animals native to the stage habitat.


The game will be console based and will use the standard game controller configuration for movement. 



See the full Game Concept shortlist