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Zoe Denning & Alice Li 


The player must choose which of the five G I R L G A N G members they want to play as and fight off the alien beings.

Most citizens in Electri City have become reclusive. One day, elusive beings infiltrate the dome, attempting to steal and loot things from the city. The only protection from this pillaging are the G I R L G A N G. 


The year is 3005, only one isolated city remains in the abandoned colony under an oxygenated dome that was founded on Earth's Moon around 250 years before; that city is Electri City.


There are five main characters; Lux, Taja, Mirielle, Dillon and Caia. They are all female as we feel there is not enough representation in PC gaming. Each has a different aesthetic and a specific and unique weapon.

Lux- a purple bazooka

Taja- guns

Mirielle- electric spinners

Dillon- large, spikey, pink baseball bat

Caia- two large swords.



Use arrow keys to move player in the overworld, use spacebar to use weapons in the overworld to initiate combat with aliens. In actual combat use the mouse to select what to do eg fight/use power move, use item, run away, etc.

Use the w key to activate the player's whistle in the overworld to call together all of the gang when needed, eg if you initiate combat with an alien and one member is absent, that member will be unable to participate in combat.



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