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Young Game Designers at EGX Rezzed

YGD at Rezzed

Check out the YGD games that were on show at EGX Rezzed 2018!

On the weekend of 13-15 April, four previous winners of the Young Game Designers competition headed to Tobacco Dock in East London to show off their games at EGX Rezzed. Rezzed is a yearly video games event, where the public have the chance to play upcoming games and meet the developers behind the titles.

Guzzlesaurus' Culinary Capers, Anna Carter

Guzzlesaurus' Culinary Capers is a mobile and tablet game, aimed at teaching culinary skills to three to six year olds. Its creator, Anna Carter, won the Game Concept Award in 2017.

She explains: "Three to six year olds are the target audience as I believe children should learn how their food travels from farm gate to plate at a young age. As well as the idea that food should be fun, fast, nutritious and delicious!"

Read more about the game here!

CYBER:JUMP, Spruce Campbell

CYBER:JUMP is a futuristic platformer for tablets and mobile devices. Its creator, Spruce Campbell, won the Game Making Award in 2017 for CyberPNK.

You can download CYBER:JUMP here!

Fractured Minds, Emily Mitchell

Fractured Minds is a puzzle game that examines the struggles of those with mental health issues. Its creator, Emily Mitchell, won the Game Making Award in 2017.

She describes her aims in developing the game: "It is designed to give the player a genuine insight into the experiences of those quietly living with mental illness – the feelings of isolation, of being trapped, of everyday situations being distorted beyond recognition."

Download and play the game here.

The Spectrum Retreat, Dan Smith


The Spectrum Retreat is a first-person narrative puzzle game, set in the mysterious and pristine Penrose Hotel. Its creator, Dan Smith, won the Game Making Award in 2016. The game was then picked up by Ripstone, whose internal development team assisted Dan in his vision.

The Spectrum Retreat is set for release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year - watch the trailer here!