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My YGD experience: Evie Sanger Davies

Event: Young Games Designer AwardsDate: Thursday 18 June 2020Venue: BAFTA VirtualHosts: Aoife Wilson-BAFTA

We asked one of our 2020 winners, Evie Sanger Davies, about her YGD experience.

Want to know what it feels like to be a YGD winner? Evie Sanger Davies was the winner of Game Concept (15-18) for her fun and fast-paced conveyor belt of a platform game, Fruit Frenzy.

How did you feel when your name was announced?

“If I’m honest, I couldn’t believe that it was my name that was announced. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I thought someone else would win because all the entries were incredible. The standards were so high, and everyone was so creative!”

How has your YGD experience been so far?

“The things that YGD have organised this year have been so insightful into the industry and have really opened my eyes to the opportunities in games. It is amazing to think that one small idea can turn into a whole new path for your future. I think anybody can get involved and make games! I entered before and from what I learnt previously, I decided to try again with a new idea and approach. You can learn so much just by entering, and really see what it takes to get into the games industry.”

Have you continued to work on Fruit Frenzy or anything new?

“I have continued to work on Fruit Frenzy since I won YGD. I have been revisiting the artwork I submitted and seeing how it would translate into a digital form that could actually be used for a game. Since the feedback session, I have also been working on the game’s mechanics and how to make it more varied and appealing to a casual audience whilst keeping them entertained and coming back to the game. I have also continued to explore art and characterisation through many different art media and styles so that I can improve the feel of my future games.”

Has your experience prompted you to think more about a career in the games industry?

“I have decided I really want to work in games as an artist and I discovered that passion from entering YGD. Winning the award has opened up so many new doors into the games that I never knew existed. The YGD team is so supportive and they want to help you to achieve your dreams of working in the games industry. I think the skills that entering teaches you are amazing and, even if you don’t get far, just an entry can shape your whole career.”

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