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YGD is Back!

In November 2013, YGD was relaunched with the support of some great young games designers and HRH The Duke of Cambridge. While the Young Games Designer competition will still be a big part of YGD, there will be new information and helpful interviews available on the website all year round!

Have a look what happened when the Prince came to visit..

"I got to meet loads of different important people which taught me a lot and has got me thinking about my career when I am older. I am very glad that I got a place to come here because I met Prince William, but I also got to realise how games really work and how people make them." Fiona Qerimi, age 13, Westminster Academy.

"I really enjoyed it because I got a lot of help to help me improve my game" Sheni Barry, age 11, Highgate Wood School.

"I really loved the experience because now I really know how it would feel to be in the gaming industry.” Hahim El-Harrak, age 16, Paddington Academy.


"I now realise how many processes there are to produce a good game. Game structure and narrative design was fascinating as if you know this inside out the rest of the game just unfolds." Maya Bruney, age 15, The BRIT School.

"There are loads of different aspects of game making that I didn’t know about [but now do]." Ella Pound, age 13, The Charter School.

"Today was a great experience. We saw the Duke and many other people that work in studios. It was fun trying to create our game with the help of helpful directors." Jannat Choudhary, age 13, Westminster Academy. 

"I think the event today has experienced me in great detail of how the gaming industry works from the developers themselves." Oscar Segev, age 16, The BRIT School.