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Lesson Eight: Sound in Motion

Lesson Aim: to learn how sound creates an atmosphere in games and what this might add to the gameplay experience. 

Ask students to play a game with the sound turned off:

  • How does it feel? 
  • Ask students to play a game with their eyes closed (and sounds on):
  • What can they hear? 
  • Can they still play the game?

Ask students to consider what their game will sound like.

  • Which sounds will be used & when are they activated?
  • Why are they important?

Students might want to record their own sound effects. Suggested sounds include: button pressed, collect item, jump, game over, walking, collision, win level, lose life, wrong move, and right move.

Alternative Activity: Challenge students to design a new way to interact with their game. For example, they could invent a new controller or method of recognising input.

Get students to look at existing controllers and how they work and consider the modifications they might make for their own game controls.

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