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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here  - Harry Rimmer (16), London

Completing a game will rely on accusing the correct suspect, with extra points being awarded based on time taken to solve it, and the amount of time travel done in the level. The player will need to be careful though, as accusing the wrong suspect will lead to a game over.

You play as a detective who uses a series of postcards to time travel, gathering clues in the future and past, then using them to solve cases in the present.

The game is a mystery/puzzle game where you solve various cases using time travel. However, this time travel is limited to one day in each of the four seasons, meaning that you can't simply travel to the day the crime happened to figure out what happened. Instead, you will need to travel to various points before and after the crime in order to gather evidence, interview people, and hopefully piece together the clues you find so that you can solve the case.