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Save WaffleBurger

Save WaffleBurger - Sonny Henson (11), Chesterfield

The game is made of many missions. You don't have to do the missions in order but there are 5 seasons of 10 missions. You have to complete a season to move to the next season.

A free-roaming survival game where you collect resources to grow strong enough to save the island of WaffleBurger from the Queen of Instectoids - the Sandworm awoken by undersea drilling.

A third person action game with a comic book art style, Save WaffleBurger allows you to create your own character as an ex oil-rig worker to try and stop Sandworm's reign of terror! The story begins after the Sandworm is awakened from undersea drilling. With Waffleburger now covered in sand, you must survive and try to return the Queen to her Insectoid home.