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Trains of Thought

Trains of Thought (Unity) - Louis Jackson (17), Brighton & Hove

A game about navigating a non-Euclidian, physics-defying metro complex.

The Main Objective is to escape from the mind-scrambling complex of tunnels. Gravity works differently in these tunnels and there is impossible geometry waiting around every corner. The player must think carefully about their every move to traverse through, as they have to stop at each station which will test them and force them to think outside and around the box. They must plan out their path through the complex, taking the different lines and stations, and there is replayability by taking a different path each time you play.

There are wormholes, impossible rooms that curve upside down and twisting corridors that will confuse and scramble the player's brain. The Player must take a step back and think about the puzzles in every angle, to even begin to complete them. The game is unorthodox, and the player must treat this uniquely to a standard puzzle game. Trains of Thought also boasts a calm but curious original soundtrack that I have written meticulously over the time I have been working on this game, to fit the game's inquisitive mode.

Originally it was planned for this game to have a complete story, something I have barely experimented with in my games. The main idea was for a story to based on mental health, quite a sensitive issue. I did tons of research, going to talks in London about mental health representation in the game, and talking to developers about how they integrated themes of mental health into their stories, or how they framed an entire story around such a theme.

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