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Reverse Fishing

Reverse Fishing (Atom and Corona) - Alexandre Scheurer (13), London

Reverse Fishing is a game where instead of trying to catch the fish as the fisherman, you attempt to escape from Bob the fisherman as the fish.

In my game, you become the fish as you attempt to escape the fisherman Bob. You do this by putting as much pressure on the line as possible by simply moving around and pulling on the line. However, the more you pull, the more energy you lose, but fear not! Bob the fisherman will drop either rubbish bins which take away your stamina or fish food which give you stamina.

There is another type of being lurking in the water, beware the jellyfish which will shock you and take away an extremely big portion of your stamina if you collide with them. The game will end once the line breaks in which case you win and will be given a time, or if Bob pulls you to the surface before you break the line, in which case you lose. If you win, there will be a set of high scores for you to beat, and if you manage to make it onto the leader board, you will be asked to enter a name to go with the high score that you got. You will then be given the opportunity to try again.

One of the things that I would have done is time challenges. These would consist of having specific times to beat to get different scores. You would need to snap the line and you would need to get a certain time in order to get graded.