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Polyphase (Unity) - Toby Hooper (17), Redhill

A physics-based, puzzle solving, platformer with a unique mechanic which allows you to 'phase' between objects as you work to complete each level.

Throughout the levels of Polyphase there are many different objects, each with their own unique properties. These include wooden boxes, metal blocks, and ice cubes. You start by controlling the movement of one item and then transfer control to other objects to help you solve the puzzle. With different properties you must carefully decide how to use the objects both individually, and in combination, to get past each challenge including narrow gaps, tall walls, and deep water.

I would love to add more levels to my game along with new features that would create even more opportunities to create complex puzzles. An example of this would be a flaming grill that melts ice and burns wood, with the possibility of the effect being reversed by quickly jumping in water.