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My Escape

My Escape - Alex Castle & Daniel Purvis (14), Banbury

In the game, you play as a 14 year old girl called Lola whose parents are constantly arguing. She gets fed up with it and ends up falling down a hole in her back garden that takes her to an alternate reality, one where anything is possible.

Lola enjoys this world until she realizes that she may be in danger. She takes a medicine called Nisogene that she found when she entered the altered reality. The aim of the game is to escape this world by defeating bosses, small villains (Plues) and collecting coins and spells. She can collectthese by defeating Plues and bosses or buying them from the shop using coins. Lola is accompanied by Skit, a small stuffed cat that she got given when she was younger. When Lola isn't under the influence of Nisogene, he walks by her side but when she takes it he talks to her and gives her advice.Otherwise, he walks near her. As you go through the world, you will get tasks to complete. To get to a new area you need to find hidden symbols in the area. You do this by completing tasks. Some areas will have characters that you can talk to, they can then give you quests. These quests can be collecting objects or needing to create potions or spells. Once a quest is completed, you will get rewards like potions,spells and weapons. The potions can be to heal or give special abilities.

My Escape is set in a dark underground world where light can only come from torches, glowing stones, symbols or any other small light source. The setting will contain mossy pillars and the walls will be made of sandstone also covered in moss.There are different passageways hidden in certain areas that you can only see after you take Nisogene. You play as a 14 year old girl called Lola Woodlock. She wears denim blue dungarees with black straps and purple buttons, under this she wears a blue and green striped turtleneck. Her dungarees have a small pocket on the front, she has pale skin with a light rosy blush on her nose and cheeks, she has short, bobbed black hair that falls over her right eye and her other eye is yellow with a star shaped pupil. She wears a black belt with a buckle, the bottom of her dungarees have flowers and patchwork on them. She then wears black army boots. Other characters are Plues (small villains), they are flames with fairy wings and large black eyes. They shoot fire at you if you get too close to them but can be defeated easily with weapons or spells.

My target audience is young people aged 13 to 17 as they are most likely to relate to the theme of the game (parents arguing, running away from home and mental health issues). People in this age range are likely to understand what the main character is going through with things like how Lola runs away from home.