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Mall Brawl

Mall Brawl - Tej Singh (13) & Jake Franklin (14), Leeds

Our game is a rag doll physics carting game where you can smack other players out of their carts with your joust.

It is a party game where you can play up to 8 players on 4 different teams, on each team there will be 2 players. Each team will spawn with their shopping cart and a joust in a map of randomly spawning obstacles such as boxes, payment tills and shelves. Each of the 4 teams will spawn in one corner and will be identified by a colour.

When the game starts each of the four teams will have to battle it out with each team having one player control the movement of the shopping cart while the other will control the joust and try to knock over the enemy team. The controls will purposefully feel slow to try and create tension during each match. To win you have to be the last cart standing.

Mall Brawl will look very basic with rounded player charterers and solid colour objects with simple textures. The maps themselves will be randomly spawning objects before the game start depending on what style of map the players chose. If they were to chose a map themed around a food store we would randomly spawn different shelves and freezers to give the effect of a shop. Each player can customise their charterer with rewards earned from winning.

The goal of the game is to knock all the other players out of their carts and if the player in the front is knocked out then the team has lost. You can hit an enemy player from underneath and this will send them upwards without the enemy having any control of their character If the enemy manages to hit the player controlling the cart then they will be knocked out for five seconds allowing for them to get the player in the front. The entire match will be a best of 6 but the player can choose to add more or less rounds to the match.

Out target audience would be anyone who wants to play a fun and refreshing party game with their friends at a party or just a meet up.