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Inversion - Holly Lee (15), Little Hampton

The world keeps turning upside down (in more ways than one), and two impoverished girls are the only ones who stand a chance of righting it for good.

Terra and Sora live in the poorest town in Albaa, a place where pretty much no one can afford life-saving equipment such as weighted clothing or implants, which are the only things that protect people from the strange and inexplicable inversions that occur every few months. These inversions turn gravity on it's head, and anything that isn't secured will be as good as dead once the inversion ends and sends it crashing back down to earth. However, when intense, hyper-frequent inversion shake the Earth to it's core, Terra and Sora discover they have the joint power to control these inversions whenever they touch. Will these two girls who know nothing more than poverty and fear be able to find a way to stop these ruthless inversions once and for all?

The game's visuals primarily focus on the architecture of a world plagued by inversions. It's safer to stay under cover as often as you can in case gravity suddenly flips, so interior design plays a massive part in that world's culture. Because of this, the houses and buildings seen in the game (especially those owned by wealthy citizens) are huge and ornate, with indoor gyms, swimming pools, and pantries bigger than some poorer homes. Roads are shielded by tunnels made of a special type of glass engineered to be incredibly durable, lest an inversion send a small car crashing into it. Things like gardens or other outdoor attractions (of which there are few) are also shielded by large glass domes.

Target demographic is ages 12+ (while there are mentions of the bloody consequences of the inversions, excessive gore/detailed injury is never shown on screen).