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Fruit Frenzy

Fruit Frenzy - Evie Sanger-Davies (15), Grantham

A fun and fast-paced conveyor belt of a platform game where a group of fresh fruit tackle the challenges of infuriating insects and malicious mould to get to the checkout in the “gross-ery” store - against the clock of their best before dates!

Fruit Frenzy is a 2-D , single player, side scrolling platform game. The player characters are all cute fruit with quirky personalities. You can choose from Stacey Strawberry, Wayne the buff Watermelon, Cheryl and Beryl the double trouble Cherry twins, Doc the Apple, Ray the old wisened raisin and more!
From the title screen you will see the Pick Your Own station. From this you select your fruit character. This menu also shows you their key strengths, weaknesses and defence levels. You can change your fruit any time between levels.

Whilst playing, you will see the shelf life at the top of the screen, which will be decreasing as time ticks by. The game screen will show you the moving conveyors at staggered heights for you to use to jump along and up to the final checkout. Swarms of fruit flies and wasps nests are visible hanging off various conveyors releasing their mob, ready to attack in this player versus environment game.

There is a self checkout within the levels as a fast travel option. However, the path will be harder with more enemies, whereas to get to complete the level normally, using the average checkouts, there may be less enemies but a longer route. A till receipt style inventory will show your power up rewards collected.

Visually, in the background, there will be a supermarket scene with key food-y colours like salad greens and cherry reds that are still bold in colour but blurred so as not to distract from the game play The game levels are very striking with lots of primary colours that also reflect speed and the need for haste. The fruits are all eye catching and bold in colours. In contrast, mobs are also in intense strong colours to represent their evil spiky dangerous nature.

My target market is very wide. Whilst some bits of the game are pressured,the likeability and personalities of the characters will appeal to everyone, so my market is anyone above the age of 7 (it is a PEGI 7). Casual gamers and those of around 30 plus will also love this.