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Fantaji: If History Met Magic

 Fantaji: If History Met Magic - Carla Kotter, Mia de Grammont & Amalia Sangiovanni Vincentelli (12)

"History is filled with sorrows and mistakes, but what if there was a way to change that...MAGIC, complete quests, challenges, levels and more to gain resources and save the world. GOOD LUCK!!!!"

We wanted our game to have a relaxing and Japanesey vibe:
- Water colours
- Anime characters designed by us (see picture)
- Relaxing music (we have made a sample)
- Timeline at the top of the screen telling you where you are.
- Cool patterns for buttons
- Lots of blue, ombré, gold, white and intricate Japanese patterns.
- Dragon type pets (cute) see picture
- Slender type animals in the forests
- Water, ships, islands

The map is full of blossom tree forests (inside the forest you will look for sparkling ingredients you will need to make potions to complete your quest.). The map will also be full of magical waterfalls and an animal plenty of jungles.

The portals that transport you to different time periods have a vine covered wooden rim, a water effect on the inside, sparkles and blue lightning.

Gold, white, blue Japanese ghost dragon that appears from a Japanese tea cup. The resources you gain to build your house are related to the time period you are in. For example in the dinosaur period you will have materials to make and decorate a cave behind a waterfall. (the better the house the more magical and helpful items you gain to help you in quests).

In the corner of the screen there will be a backpack (your inventory). Inside your inventory you will find all the items you have collected (you can access them at any time). You also have a recipe book at the top of the screen with all the potion recipes you have discovered inside.

" I think people who will want to play our game are friendly, peaceful people who are looking for a touch of magic and a chance to live another life in a magical dimension. I also think it wouldn’t matter which age you are just as long as you're interested in magic and history and you want to learn more about it."