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Contramotion (Unity, C#) - Michael Ballantyne (17), Oldham

A minimalist 2D platformer based around mirror images and bad puns.

Contramotion is a game centred around two genderless cubes, Remmie and Rumble, who over the course of the game achieve absolutely nothing except making all those who hear their dialogue cringe in despair. Explore 20 handcrafted levels, enjoy 8 original soundtracks, and get ready to die repeatedly as the difficulty of the game ramps up exponentially.

Test your ability to multi-task and keep an eye on each half of the screen at all times as certain hazards only apply to certain cubes. But game play aside you'll find that the visuals in this game are quite simple due to my lack of an ability to draw. However, don't fear as you will also find the story isn't that much better either. So jump! Dodge! Shatter into tiny pieces! But most of all, try to make it to the end! I've been told it's not easy.

The game in it's state right now is relatively short. I would like to add more levels, hazards and maybe even some power-ups. But as an ambitious goal I would love to develop a level editor/sharing system that would allow players to design their own levels, characters and colour pallets which would add a lot of replay-ability to the game.