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Complicated Co-Operation

Complicated Co-Operation - Alex Robinson (13), London

Two players connected by an elastic cord, have to make their way through 12 unique castles, each with obstacles that block your way to the two exits.

Either you or you and your friend can play through a series of levels, making your way through 12 different castles all while being connected by an unbreakable elastic rope, constantly pulling the to players closer. Each castle presents different challenges and obstacles, these include Lava that burns, Water that pushes, platforms that help and hinder your path, platforms that allow either red or green player to pass through and finally the doors that allow you to pass to the next castle.

To control red you use the keys W, A, S and D. A and D keys are used to move right and left, W to jump up and S to increase your fall speed or to go against the elastic rope in a downwards direction. To Control green you use the arrow key, the left and right arrow keys are used to move left and right and the down arrow key has the same use as S does for red but for green, and to fly up you use the up arrow key.

I would do would be to add more levels as currently I don't think there are enough, I would spend more time making art and looking or making better sound effects and music. Also I would add what I couldn't make due to time constraints which was a pyramid section with pyramids instead of castles.

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