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Beat The Tube

Beat The Tube

Beat The Tube (Unity) - Max Staras (12), Brighton

This is a game in which you design a vehicle to go over a rough terrain and try to reach the end before a tube train gets there.

My original idea for this game was to help people learn about the way that different properties and materials interact with different environments. I made it a driving and racing game where you have to design better cars to win. There are three levels so far on this game which you can get to from the home screen. Once you select a level, the gameplay starts with a car designing process.

You can choose different chassis’, engines and wheels, all with different characteristics. You have to select carefully to get the perfect combination to suit the terrain. Then you start the game. This is a race between you and a tube train running in a tunnel underneath you. The tube train runs smoothly but quite slowly. You can go faster but you will have to ride over a bumpy landscape with geyzers and tricky pits and mountains. At the end, you will be judged on how intact your vehicle is, how much you beat or lost to the train by and even the quality of your engine (you get more credit for using less powerful engines).

The gameplay is designed to be quite chaotic with your car rolling and bouncing along the course. It takes quite a bit of skill to choose a good car and to drive it well to beat the tube train. If you do win, it gives you a tick on the home screen indicating that you have completed this level. You can refresh them by clicking the indicated button to the left. You can challenge yourself to get ticks on every level. 

I'd add more levels with more excitements and things to do including magnets, traps, lava, power-ups and more. I did make boulders that fell from the sky when you passed a trigger point, but then I had to remove them because it was slowing the flow of the game down.