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Attack of The Evil Time-Travelling Vampire Giraffes of Utter Doom


Attack of The Evil Time-Travelling Vampire Giraffes of Utter Doom (GameMaker Studio 2) - Jessica Habgood (12) & Elsie Habgood (14), Sheffield

Attack of the Evil Time-Travelling Vampire Giraffes of Utter Doom is a wacky platform game where you play a knight attempting to prevent giraffes rewriting history by jumping on their heads.

After the title screen a poem appears explaining the rules to the player.

Harold was a cruel giraffe,
Whose neck was short and fat,
His teeth were rather pointy,
And he could turn into a bat.

The first verse of the poem reveals that the giraffes are vampires!

Jeffery was a fearless knight,
Who liked to jump on heads.
And once his foes were weakened,
Threw his sword and slew ‘em dead! 

The second verse of the poem explains how to kill the giraffes: by jumping on their heads and shooting the bat with a sword.

In the first level there are only two giraffes to make sure the player understands how to play the game. Once they have completed the level another poem appears on the screen, which reads:

Harold travelled back in time,
And kidnapped kings and queens.
Jeffery chased in hot pursuit,
To stop their evil schemes!

Underneath the poem shows a knight collecting some rewards and years progressing as they collect the rewards. This tells the players the aim of the game.

The levels get harder as you go along. In level 2 you are introduced to slightly longer necked giraffes that need to be jumped on at least 2 times. All of the levels have their own set of wacky bricks, to make each level different. As you collect more rewards the king or queen changes.

In the tenth and final level you come face to face with Harold himself. Despite being short, Harold will not vanquish until you have bounced on his head 10 times. Harold almost instantly turns back into a giraffe with 10 lives again unless you use a certain tactic.The tactic is to shoot the sword just above where the bat will fly.

The final screen shows the player how far they got in history and shows them which was the last monarch that they saved. This screen is inspired by bubble bobble. The poem changes based on whether they completed the game.

We would really like to make the game playable on tablets and phones, involving the creation of touch screen controls. If it were possible we would like the game to be two player with the original dragon concepts. 

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