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Download the game to play here!

A puzzle platformer where you play as two detachable parts of your own body; arms and legs!

The Designers:

Thomas Crow, aged 18 & Jack Chateau-Loney, aged 17

Milngavie, Glasgow

The designers' story behind the game:

"The main mechanics of the game revolve around arms and legs detaching from each other and using their different skills to help them complete the level. Arms cannot walk, making movement very limited. However, the player can slide across ice and climb up on railings using's his/her arms. The character can also throw legs to other vantage points where legs can push buttons and move boxes to complete the level.

"The most valuable skill we learned was time management because we had set a deadline of two months to try and achieve what we were aiming towards. This meant that we had to carefully map out a timeline of work which need to be completed."

Software used: Gamemaker

Future development:

"We would add a much more developed story along with more fleshed out levels with the two characters reaching the outside of the lab and exploring even further in search of Arm's saboteur, or perhaps with the introduction of a new company looking to steal legs which could break into the labs, similar to the ones already in the game, and create problems for the player to solve while trying not to be captured, or to escape once they are captured. We would also like to add a third member to the body called brains. She could control things like machinery and platforms to bend to her will."